Vanessa Matias Fahy


Age Range: 18-28
Eyes: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Dress Size: Slim, Size 8
Height: 5′ 8″
Languages: English, French, German
Accents: Irish (Galway, Dublin, Northern Irish), English (RP, Cockney, Northern), US, Australian, Scotish, Welsh, French, German

Skills: Dance Training- Irish, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop

Agent: Julian Benson Management, The Production Suite, 15 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

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Credits Include:

Ghostwood (feature)-Elizabeth
Maxim Pictures
Dir:Justin O’Brian

The Vice President-Deb
Hubbard & Banks Media
Dir:Simon Hubbard

Mariana Ep 3-Sandra

The Inside-Louise
Black Canvas Pictures

Outside of Heaven-Sara Owens
Pro Bono Productions